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Wonders - Life (2008)


Study the life forms of our planet and discover the wonders of our creator.

DNA is an information storage and retrieval system, that has a built-in error-finding and error-correcting mechanisms. But even these immensely complicated structures are simple when compared to the complexity of whole cells. Every life form on the planet is comprised of cells which are essentially miniature factories.

Seeds have sensors that monitor the ambient temperature and humidity to know when conditions suitable for a plant to thrive. It’s no wonder mankind has yet to develop a synthetic seed. Photosynthesis—the process by which plants convert sunlight into carbs—is the foundation of our food supply. Without flowering plants, we couldn’t survive.

The octopus, is equipped with jet propulsion, suction cups, and built-in camouflage.

In our quest for controlled flight, humans have studied birds—marvels of precise engineering. From their lightweight bones, calibrated wingspans, and unique lung structure, the creator gave birds exactly what they need for smooth, efficient flight.

The wonders of the world aren’t only found in thundering waterfalls or grand canyons, but also in a bird’s smooth landing and a caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly!

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